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Investment security is seen as the key incentive to build up investors' confidence and appetite in emerging economies. Public and private investment in Cambodia has been the most important driver for economic growth and this trend will continue in the future. Investment is in itself a sophisticated process and Cambodia is as challenging and complex an investment opportunity as it is rewarding.

Therefore, devising and managing a project in Cambodia requires not only the ability to establish cross competent management but also the key driver to success, i.e. cross cultural management. 

This is Action Group's stance as a start-up consultancy dedicated to foreign investment promotion and security in Cambodia.

It combines international know how and expertise with an intimate knowledge of local realities. Its personnel are knowledgeable in fields such as lobbying, competitive intelligence, corporate finance, law and tax.

At Action Group, knowledge management is all about networking and training. In doing so, managers are committed to build links, both locally and overseas, with consultants and professional networks and to nurture close relationships with financial institutions.

Since its inception in 2005, Action Group has established a reputation for astute professional investment services in both the private and public sectors in Cambodia.


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